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  Kim Coley

Welcome to the portfolio of artist Kim Coley,

a place where you can discover her work, skills, and professional experience.

 "Male Blackbird" was selected for the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2021.

(Kim attending "varnishing day")  


Male Blackbird RA copy good colours.jpeg

Artist Statement 

Kim Coley uses “visual song writing” as an analogy for her creative process and is interested in the tensions between observation and expression, truth and wishful thinking.   

Influences include the philosopher Richard Sennett (author of The Craftsman)  amongst many others.   

She works in acrylic, ink, charcoal, pastel, collage, household paint, mixed media and print.  

She sells her work from her studio and exhibits widely.

Kim Coley also runs workshops. 

Take a look at her works, and get in touch for more information.

    Still Life 


Portrait of Mel Davies 

Mel and I ran a life class at Sunnybank Mills for 12 years..
Recently we have been collaborating on paintings, some of which we have not thrown on the tip yet.
This is him one Friday when he felt like a rest.. 

 Life Drawings 

Ink and Gouache


Pastels : The Isle of Arran  

    North Yorkshire 

IMG_6517 copy.jpeg


       'Wild Birds and Rebel Plants'

IMG_4207 copy.jpg
IMG_4325 copy.jpeg

“Kim is a painter of great skill in capturing the

vivacity of nature through her brushstrokes and energetic

mark-making. Her paintings are a record of human energy,

spirit and observation. I have always admired her

warm professionalism, her sense of humour and

commitment as an artist.”


Jonathan Newdick (JN Sculptures)

unedited jpeg


                                                            Christmas Cards : A6 with envelopes 



IMG_0018 copy.jpeg

                    Glory                                                    The Nativity                                         Three Kings 


My Dad made pots  in the 60's and 70's and was so prolific that most of them ended up in the garden. Now I am pleased to have them cluttering up the place and sometimes invading my pictures.   



Professional History 

 Woven Threads 2024

A Joint exhibition by artists who have exhibited at Sunnybank Mills since its restoration. 

A Tupperware Sky 2022 

A Tupperware sky was acquired by William and John Gaunt of Sunnybank Mills. 

Drawn from the Land 2022 Sunnybank Mills 

An exhibition by eleven artists whose work is inspired by the land.  

Royal Academy Summer Show 2021

Kim’s “Male Blackbird” was selected for this year’s Summer Show curated by Yinka Shonemare  

North Yorkshire Open Studios 2007 - 2023

This is one of the most prestigious Open Studios events in the UK. Kim has taken part in NYOS for 17 years. 

The Bus Shelter KO 

During lockdown Kim enjoyed painting a mural onto the bus stop at Kirkby Overblow, inspired by the wildflowers growing nearby. 

Mercer Gallery Open Exhibition 2010- 2019. 

Kim has been selected to exhibit on many occasions. In 2010 she was awarded a prize for “Someone Else’s Coat” 

Sunnybank Mills 2012- 2024 

Kim has exhibited on many occasions at the innovative and award-winning Sunnybank Mills in Farsley. She ran Life Classes there with artist Mel Davies for many years.  

Art Director EU Cineage Project 2015

Working with students from Northern Film School Kim co -designed the set. 

Post Graduate Certificate of Education 2016

Teaching for a social purpose. Art Mentor Adam King. Awarded outstanding for all competences.  

Farrow and Ball Landscape Commission 2012



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Floral Riffs 

This series of lino prints are made with individual motifs used again and again.  The process feels like the development of a rhythmic or melodic idea..  



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